Michael Jackson Slot machine – King of Pop



The Michael Jackson slot machine might make the king of pop king of slots instead. This game was released in 2015 and it features lots of good beats from Michael Jackson. We see more artists legends turning up as slot games as the years go by and this machine surely has the qualities to be one of the best.


It was created by the developer Bally Technologies in 2015. It has since then showed up on more casino rooms each month. We would not call this slot game a huge success like for example Guns N Roses but its still a game we truly admire.

As expected there is a lot of music played when spin on this slot game. Some examples of what is played is Smooth Criminal, Billie Jean, Dirty Diana and Beat it.

Micheal Jackson king of pop bonus rounds

The slot machine has a bonus mode which can be activated if you hit enough wild symbols. When you do get into the bonus mode its the song Smooth Crimal that starts to play. It´s a pretty smooth process after are you in the bonus rounds and all that is needed there is some good luck.


The graphics are very good in this Michael Jackson pop game. It´s often a dancing Michael Jackson that is jumping around infront of the machine while you are spinning the wheels. It´s even some moon walk dancing happening sometimes.

The music really fits well with Michael Jackson dancing around. It really gives a great concert athmosphere while playing. This slot game is obviously suited for anyone that likes to hear some great pop music while playing there slot games.

The good dance moves that we get to see MJ make in the game also adds some great value. It´s really something that gets you going and might be a fun game to play before you go out for a few drinks. We would not recommend this slot machine just before sleeping.