Golden fish tank



The Golden Fish Tank slot machine from Yggdrasil is here. This game could possibly ride a bit on the wave from the recent Disney movie Dory. In general this game has a smooth relaxing vibe with soft sounds and relaxing music.

Golden fish tank graphics

The Golden fish tank graphics are very good. There are many different types of fish swimming around and you also have a nice ocean view. The nice light blue ocean color as background in combination with the smooth music gives a peaceful feeling while playing the game. The different symbols are also very well made with mostly cute fished but also some scary looking ones.

Golden fish tank free spins

FishtankGet free spins on the Golden Fish Tank slot. There are basically  two ways to get your free spins on Golden Fish Tank. One way is to sign up for a new casino and get some free money that you can enjoy on any game of your choice. We have some of these options on our site here which you can see on the front page of the site.

Another way to earn free spins on this slot game is through the free spins mode. On the picture you can see what the free spins symbol looks like. If you have three of these lined up then you will enter the free spins mode on Golden Fish Tank. In our opinion this is the most exciting part in this game. It is actually not that tricky to get into the free spins mode. So this game does provide a lot of fun and action. Once you are in the mode you can also win new free spins fairly easy.